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Client Testimonials

This is our Client Testimonials page, if you would like to be in with a chance of winning a £20 voucher from our prize draw then please click here to fill in our client feedback form. 

Feedback allows us to continually improve our services and helps us secure our funding so we are very grateful for all your comments.

Recent comments from our clients
We have approached some of our clients to ask if they would be happy to share their testimonials on our services, so here are a few below from some of our many satisfied clients.

“Feeling so much better in myself and I feel like they have saved my life." - November 2019
Dear Susan, thank you for your call this morning and telling me such good and welcome news.  It really is appreciated and I know you work hard and you endeavour to get results for the people you represent.  In no way should you be undervalued because you are the salt of the earth and if it wasn’t for you, and such as yourself, it would be more desperate in what is an already declining society, with sometime nowhere to turn for much needed help.  So from me thank you kindly and God bless.” - November 2019
"I’ve been seeing Ramya the advisor for 5 months about our debt.  She is the most wonderful advisor and lady anybody would like to meet—she has even done work my support worker refuses to do” - July 2019
“I have worked all my live, although going through a rough time at the moment.  I have never met such lovely, kind, helpful and efficient people” - July 2019

"As I am in very poor health I could not cope with all this debt.  My partner is also very ill.  Outstanding service - would not be able to deal with it on our own." - May 2019
"Fantastic, friendly service" - February 2019
"Very helpful - thank you." - November 2018
"Excellent, professional advice and very friendly people"  - November 2018
"Very friendly and helpful staff.  I felt very welcome on waiting for an adviser" - October 2018
"Very friendly place - excellent and complete advice" - October 2018
"Gave me plenty of good advice to help me....made lots of phone calls on my behalf.  Helped put my mind at rest knowing I was going to receive my payment...thank you for helping" - August 2018

"Me and my husband were at a low point with debts .... visited here and Sam helped with an application for the Big Difference Scheme which we wouldn't have been aware of without her help and advice.  Sue has also been fantastic with help with advice on our income and how best to deal with debts and what is priority and non-priority.  Great customer service!" - November 2017


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