Over 75 TV Licence Changes - July 2020.j

Changes to over 75 free TV Licences

As you may know, those over 75 no longer

automatically get a free TV Licence. Instead you

will need to apply (for either a free or paid-for

licence) from 1st August 2020.

TV Licencing will be writing to all those who

currently have a free licence and you do not

need to do anything until you receive this letter -

your licence will still be valid.


Once you receive your letter and want to apply

for a free TV Licence (or a paid-for licence) you

need to respond within 2 months or your licence

will be cancelled.

If you need any help applying for your licence, or

need to check if you qualify for a free one, please

contact us on 0115 962 6519 or email

admin@bestwoodadvice.org.uk and we can help

you with the application process.  All we will

need from you is your current TV licence number

and details of any Pension Credit you receive.

Here is a link to the TV Licencing site where you can get further information of the process. https://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/generalnotice