Money Matters
Money Matters is an extensive course offering
you the chance to gain a thorough understanding
of both your own personal finances and also how to
get the most out of the money you have. Additionally helping you to understand the dangers of debt and what to do in this situation, better understanding the benefits system and how to make sure you are getting what you deserve to help support your living costs.
The importance of having and sticking to a budget will be covered, implications of current changes to the benefit system, different ways to pay bills and other expenses and also your rights with regards to many of different money related issues that can potentially arise.
The course is written by trained advisors using their experience and supporting those needing help with such issues adding to the amount that can potentially be gained from the course. Additionally the course is accredited by AIM Awards so by completing the course you receive a recognised qualification for your work (AIM Awards Level 1: 3 credits in Personal Finances).
If you think you might want to do the Money Matters course use the button below to register your interest, otherwise use the button to the right to return to all the other courses
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