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Useful contact details from Nottingham City Council:















             Severn Trent Big Difference Scheme 



Did you know that you may be able to get upto a 90%

discount off your Severn Trent water bill? The Big

Difference Scheme (BDS) is open to ANYONE who is in

financial difficulties (for whatever reason). You don't need

to be on's for anyone at all with a Severn

Trent Account.

So if you are currently struggling to find money to pay

for your essentials and bills....then why not let us help

you apply!

Simply call us on 0115 962 6519 and leave your name,

number and interest in the BDS or email to and we can get the

process started for you!


Below is a message from Citzens Advice regarding a Universal Credit scam/phishing calls....DO NOT GIVE ANYONE YOUR BANK CARD DETAILS - THEY ARE NOT REQUIRED FOR A UC CLAIM!!

Please be aware. I've just received the following from our HTC supervisor.

Callers to our HTC line are saying that during the process for making a UC claim, they have been asked for the long number on their bank card and the 3 digit number on the back of their card. It looks like one or more fake sites have started to spring up. These details are never asked for during a UC claim made through, the client is asked for the name of their bank, the name on the bank card, sort code and account number.

Trish Eaton
Chief Officer
Citizens Advice Nottingham & District

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